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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

Idea 002: Guccivuitton Promo

Idea 002: Guccivuitton Promo

For your tropical lifestyle to reach its height, be exclusive, seize the day, every day.

As part of the ICA Ideas program, ICA Miami and Guccivuitton collaborated on a commercial. From the Knight Foundation: “[ICA Miami] commissioned filmmaker Bill Bilowit of the Wet Heat Project, which makes art documentaries, to produce the commercial. As Bilowit explains, Miamians are familiar with the short videos that accompany any new luxury condo project, those unrealistic portrayals of gorgeous models living at the height of luxury, everything – chic stores, restaurants, etc. – within reach of their fingertips. He knew the humor, and the non-pretension, involved with making a faux copy. He shot a lovely blonde window-shopping in the Miami Design District, who then encounters Guccivuitton and continues to take in the art the way she does Armani and Givenchy, except that she is all alone, as is usually the case in promos. The world is her oyster.”

Guccivuitton comprises artists Loriel Beltran, Domingo Castillo, and Aramis Gutierrez. Learn more.

Part of Idea 002: Critical Cosmopolitanism

The artists of Guccivuitton have frequently explored the relationship between artist and location, creating alternative methods of presentation and exchange. Idea 002 addresses the collective’s efforts to present and advance scholarship on regional material culture as it relates to international flows of capital and information. This line of inquiry involves a meditation on the development of Miami as a cultural center seeking to service international and regional audiences.